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We are very pleased to announce that we will have more employees back on May 18. In the mean time, as important as it is for everyone to adhere to the social distancing and other measures, donít forget how important it is to remember your machinery safety issues. Before re-starting any machinery, it is vital that you and your operators re-familiarize themselves with any machinery. This is a good time for the operator to review the machine with the following checklist: *Before starting the machine, do a walk around and visually inspect the machine electrical wiring, hydraulic, coolant, and pneumatic hoses, along with machine cleanliness.*Are there any obstructions, or items that might be trip hazards or in the point of operation, and is all guarding in place? *Check all oil, and cutting fluid levels, and insure all visible machine controls and parts are in good shape, and replace any broken or damaged parts. We also have parts manuals available for instant download. *Review the operator manual and re-familiarize yourself with the machine. If you donít have the operator manual, we have many manuals available for instant download. Please stay healthy and safe.

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